Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reasons To Consider A CRC Concrete Raising Franchise (Part 3 of 9 - Niche Service)

Common Reasons to Provide Slab Raising Services:

• Turnkey business – as a stand-alone or supplement;
• Eliminate trip hazards (Premises Liability);
• Void-fill dangerous areas;
• Environmentally safe;
• Convenience – Immediate access;
• No re-landscaping or landscape damage;
• Control water flow;
• 1/3 to ½ the cost of removal and replacement; and,
• Gross margin per job.

The standard service of concrete raising and leveling is primarily used to meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and/or municipal codes that require property owners meet specific compliance standards for concrete areas. Non-compliant areas are deemed trip-and-fall or potential slip-and-fall (poorly sloped areas where water ponds) liabilities.

The processes of concrete raising and/or cement grouting are unique, niche services offered through Concrete Raising of America to those entrepreneurs looking for a stand-alone business in the concrete repair industry, or contractors interested in expanding or diversifying their existing business.

Demand for concrete raising and stabilization services has risen due to a variety of environmental factors and economic concerns. The CRC Concrete Raising Franchise model is designed to Provide a Needed Service within a Variety of Target Market Segments.

Common Uses of Slab Raising Services (By Market Segment):

Stoops, patios, driveways, garage floors, service walks, steps, pool decks,
all-season rooms (slab-on-grade)
Commercial / Industrial:
Factory and office floors, loading docks, equipment pads
Municipal/State DOT:
Streets (concrete pavement), curb & gutter, sidewalks, airport areas
New Construction:
Soil compaction and stabilization, base preparation

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