Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CRC Concrete Raising: Reasons To Consider A Concrete Raising of America ...

CRC Concrete Raising: Reasons To Consider A Concrete Raising of America ...: "'It's your name either on the sign or behind it, so you may as well do it right.' Provide Niche Service Address existing concrete repair ..."

Differentiation Through CRC-Modified Volumetric Mobile Mixers: Advantage TEAM CRC!

In promoting the services of concrete raising, cement grouting, and various forms of such, CRC Concrete Raising locations are often asked about the uniqueness of the equipment - in particular the CRC-modified Volumetric Mobile Mixers.

So what is it about the truck - the size, the "sizzle"?  We feel it is a combination of each, but it is primarily the ability of the Volumetric Mobile Mixer to produce a consistent, calibrated, cement grout.  Translation: CRC Concrete Raising locations can guarantee what is being pumped, and can calibrate units to ensure grout viscosity (complete void fill).

The difference between having a metered/calibrated grout and a hand-mixed material sets CRC apart from the competition - When was the last time a municipality accepted a hand-mixed substitute on a concrete walk or pavement contract?  Why?

The next item often discussed in the sequence of equipment and material discussion:  The 3.5-bag Mix.  After having been in the raising and grouting industry for over six decades (stemming over 64 years), CRC research and development has determined that 329 lbs of Portland Cement is the optimal amount for one cubic yard of material within a viscosity range known to CRC locations (provided during the 2-4 week training program provided to new CRC Concrete Raising locations).

In mixing by hand, our competition is reliant upon the individual mixing the slurry/grout in terms of mix design, workability (environmental and other variable factors), proportioning, and individual site conditions.

CRC's modified equipment allows CRC operators the opportunity to simply "dial in" the viscosity required to complete the job in an efficient and consistent fashion, based upon each unique jobsite and the subgrade(s) encountered.

Additionally, CRC-modified Volumetric Mobile Mixers are self-contained, with calibrated mixing and delivery capability, carrying all water, cement, and aggregate needed for the jobsite. CRC mixers meet/exceed the Standards of Calibration as set forth by the Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer Bureau (VMMB), a member of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA), and conform to ASTM 685, ACI304.6 and CSA 23.7.

Why "settle" for anything less?  Contact Concrete Raising of America to learn about joining TEAM CRC today!