Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reasons To Consider A CRC Concrete Raising Franchise (Part 1 of 9 - Exclusive Territories)

Consistent with the statement “Concrete Raising of America only makes money when YOU make money,” Exclusive Territories are granted, not sold.

This commitment not to sell a CRC system to additional owners/operators within the geographical boundaries of your designated territory ensures our continued support and goodwill toward you.

The territory will be mutually agreed upon by CRC and you based upon the capacity of your operation and the population base.  Typically, it has been the experience of CRC that a new Franchise, with one CRC Volumetric Mobile Mixer, one crew, and one salesperson, can cover an area that is comprised of a population of one million people – in general this has translated into a 50-mile radius of a metropolitan area.

Key Advantages To You:
§        You will not have to compete with another CRC within your geographical metropolitan area;
§        Revenue increases resulting from your efforts within your territory are realized by you;
§        Opportunity to develop a larger territory to its fullest potential, at your discretion;
§        Ability to confidently exchange best practices and ideas with other CRC franchise owners/operators, secure in the knowledge that you can only gain from shared information with those individuals (TEAM CRC); and,
§        We additionally, allow for future growth/expansion potential by means of identifying “Right of First Refusal” territories as agreed upon by you.

It may be important to note that CRC Concrete Raising is not interested in establishing company-owned franchises other than the Wisconsin facility, and has no immediate plans to develop such.