Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reasons To Consider A CRC Concrete Raising Franchise (Part 3 of 9 - Niche Service)

Common Reasons to Provide Slab Raising Services:

• Turnkey business – as a stand-alone or supplement;
• Eliminate trip hazards (Premises Liability);
• Void-fill dangerous areas;
• Environmentally safe;
• Convenience – Immediate access;
• No re-landscaping or landscape damage;
• Control water flow;
• 1/3 to ½ the cost of removal and replacement; and,
• Gross margin per job.

The standard service of concrete raising and leveling is primarily used to meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and/or municipal codes that require property owners meet specific compliance standards for concrete areas. Non-compliant areas are deemed trip-and-fall or potential slip-and-fall (poorly sloped areas where water ponds) liabilities.

The processes of concrete raising and/or cement grouting are unique, niche services offered through Concrete Raising of America to those entrepreneurs looking for a stand-alone business in the concrete repair industry, or contractors interested in expanding or diversifying their existing business.

Demand for concrete raising and stabilization services has risen due to a variety of environmental factors and economic concerns. The CRC Concrete Raising Franchise model is designed to Provide a Needed Service within a Variety of Target Market Segments.

Common Uses of Slab Raising Services (By Market Segment):

Stoops, patios, driveways, garage floors, service walks, steps, pool decks,
all-season rooms (slab-on-grade)
Commercial / Industrial:
Factory and office floors, loading docks, equipment pads
Municipal/State DOT:
Streets (concrete pavement), curb & gutter, sidewalks, airport areas
New Construction:
Soil compaction and stabilization, base preparation

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~ Thomas Edison

Friday, May 10, 2013

Reasons To Consider A CRC Concrete Raising Franchise (Part 2 of 9 - Training)

The CRC Concrete Raising Franchisee Training Programs are customized based upon need, experience-level, and skill-set: individually-designed, constructed, and presented in order to maximize the learning experience of new franchisees.

Initial (Start-up) Training:

CRC instructs your key people (no more than 2 at one time) in the techniques of properly and productively raising concrete and cement grouting. This 5-to-7 working-day training is held at OUR TRAINING FACILITY in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This includes a combination of classroom and on-the-job instruction in raising/grouting procedures, as well as CRC Super Pump machine preventive maintenance and repair. Receivables include: CRC copyright “Slab Raising & Grouting Handbook” and the CRC “Mixer Operational Manual” containing machine troubleshooting and parts lists, as well as “Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures” (McGraw-Hill, Fourth Edition, Copyright 2008). All travel, lodging, wage and subsistence expenses are the responsibility of the franchisee.

One week of sales training (40 hours) by one of our Sales Trainers at YOUR LOCATION. This training will instruct you and your salespeople how to price all types of work, how to write slab raising contracts, and set-up sales leads for multi-housing, municipal, residential, and/or commercial jobs (subject to start-up strategy). Includes CRC copyright “CRC Franchise Total Marketing Approach” and actual windshield time with you and/or your salespeople to sell at your location.

Following Training (previous 2 paragraphs), CRC will provide an additional One-week of supervision (40 hours) by one of our FIELD Trainers AT YOUR LOCATION. This support will provide follow-up technical assistance and supervision on your job sites to insure complete understanding of techniques, unity of crew and rig set up.

Benefits to the CRC Franchisee:

  • Understand the critical elements and components needed to operate the franchise;
  • Includes ample opportunity for in-the-field and classroom Q and A;
  • Provides sufficient time to learn the necessary methods and requirements;
  • Includes on-site location training to impart ‘real world’ experience;
  • Measures trainee comprehension to insure understanding;
  • Utilizes role playing when appropriate;
  • Implementation of Best Practices (reduced “Trial and Error”);
  • Provides strong sales building and marketing skills;
  • Informs franchisees of the skills his/her employees should have;
  • Efficient operation preserves franchisee working capital; and,
  • Ensures a smoother and more successful franchise (profit potential).

The CRC training program encompasses a variety of topics and internal categories, including, but not limited to: Human Resources – Employee Relations, Safety – Manuals and Meetings, Operational/Technical, Accounting and Scheduling, Marketing/Sales, and Ongoing Support. Additional training available each year – up to 4 people (Call Concrete Raising of America, Inc. for more information: 262-827-5000, or 800-270-0011).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reasons To Consider A CRC Concrete Raising Franchise (Part 1 of 9 - Exclusive Territories)

Consistent with the statement “Concrete Raising of America only makes money when YOU make money,” Exclusive Territories are granted, not sold.

This commitment not to sell a CRC system to additional owners/operators within the geographical boundaries of your designated territory ensures our continued support and goodwill toward you.

The territory will be mutually agreed upon by CRC and you based upon the capacity of your operation and the population base.  Typically, it has been the experience of CRC that a new Franchise, with one CRC Volumetric Mobile Mixer, one crew, and one salesperson, can cover an area that is comprised of a population of one million people – in general this has translated into a 50-mile radius of a metropolitan area.

Key Advantages To You:
§        You will not have to compete with another CRC within your geographical metropolitan area;
§        Revenue increases resulting from your efforts within your territory are realized by you;
§        Opportunity to develop a larger territory to its fullest potential, at your discretion;
§        Ability to confidently exchange best practices and ideas with other CRC franchise owners/operators, secure in the knowledge that you can only gain from shared information with those individuals (TEAM CRC); and,
§        We additionally, allow for future growth/expansion potential by means of identifying “Right of First Refusal” territories as agreed upon by you.

It may be important to note that CRC Concrete Raising is not interested in establishing company-owned franchises other than the Wisconsin facility, and has no immediate plans to develop such.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CRC Concrete Raising: Reasons To Consider A Concrete Raising of America ...

CRC Concrete Raising: Reasons To Consider A Concrete Raising of America ...: "'It's your name either on the sign or behind it, so you may as well do it right.' Provide Niche Service Address existing concrete repair ..."

Differentiation Through CRC-Modified Volumetric Mobile Mixers: Advantage TEAM CRC!

In promoting the services of concrete raising, cement grouting, and various forms of such, CRC Concrete Raising locations are often asked about the uniqueness of the equipment - in particular the CRC-modified Volumetric Mobile Mixers.

So what is it about the truck - the size, the "sizzle"?  We feel it is a combination of each, but it is primarily the ability of the Volumetric Mobile Mixer to produce a consistent, calibrated, cement grout.  Translation: CRC Concrete Raising locations can guarantee what is being pumped, and can calibrate units to ensure grout viscosity (complete void fill).

The difference between having a metered/calibrated grout and a hand-mixed material sets CRC apart from the competition - When was the last time a municipality accepted a hand-mixed substitute on a concrete walk or pavement contract?  Why?

The next item often discussed in the sequence of equipment and material discussion:  The 3.5-bag Mix.  After having been in the raising and grouting industry for over six decades (stemming over 64 years), CRC research and development has determined that 329 lbs of Portland Cement is the optimal amount for one cubic yard of material within a viscosity range known to CRC locations (provided during the 2-4 week training program provided to new CRC Concrete Raising locations).

In mixing by hand, our competition is reliant upon the individual mixing the slurry/grout in terms of mix design, workability (environmental and other variable factors), proportioning, and individual site conditions.

CRC's modified equipment allows CRC operators the opportunity to simply "dial in" the viscosity required to complete the job in an efficient and consistent fashion, based upon each unique jobsite and the subgrade(s) encountered.

Additionally, CRC-modified Volumetric Mobile Mixers are self-contained, with calibrated mixing and delivery capability, carrying all water, cement, and aggregate needed for the jobsite. CRC mixers meet/exceed the Standards of Calibration as set forth by the Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer Bureau (VMMB), a member of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA), and conform to ASTM 685, ACI304.6 and CSA 23.7.

Why "settle" for anything less?  Contact Concrete Raising of America to learn about joining TEAM CRC today!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reasons To Consider A Concrete Raising of America Franchise

"It's your name either on the sign or behind it, so you may as well do it right."

Provide Niche Service
Address existing concrete repair and restoration needs in the residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal/DOT markets.  Assist property owners and/or managers in maintaining ADA-compliant walkways.  Reduce hazards in industrial warehouses and distribution centers due to uneven or unsupported concrete.  Increase the useful-life of roadways, bridges, and interstate highways.

Concrete raising has been successful as a stand-alone business, and as a supplement to an existing business seeking the opportunity to diversify or expand its existing business portfolio.

Reduced Learning Curve
Training is provided for operations, sales/marketing, and technical aspects of the Concrete Raising franchise business.  Templates, manuals, and suggested documents are provided.  Promotional materials are easily personalized/individualed to the franchise location.

Exclusive Territory
The Concrete Raising of America franchise opportunity is designed so that Concrete Raising of America franchise owners do not compete with one another.  It is the objective of Concrete Raising of America to support and grow its franchisees through shared knowledge and experience, not hinder their development by "splitting" a territory into two competitors.

Competitive Advantage - Innovative Equipment
Concrete Raising of America has modified volumetric mobile mixers, capable of meeting ASTM standards for ready-mix concrete as well as providing a calibrated cement grout for concrete raising and soil stabilization (void filling) applications.  Thus, it is a multi-purpose vehicle capable of performing more than one service.  Concrete pumps have also been modified to promote efficiency and productivity on a per-crew basis.

Specifications, Standards, Tolerances, & Best Practices
Concrete Raising of America franchise locations are capable of meeting/exceeding the national specifications for concrete raising (a.k.a. slab jacking, pressure grouting, or mud jacking), as developed by the Concrete Repair Association.  Due to the level of training coupled with the equipment utilized by Concrete Raising of America franchisees, franchise locations produce tolerances and practices that are benchmarked throughout the industry.

Ongoing Support
Continued training and support (technical, operational, sales/marketing, etc.) are available through Concrete Raising of America.  Concrete Raising of America is known as a ready-reference for all things concrete raising and grouting related.

Continued Research & Development
"Quality, Integrity, & Innovation" continues to drive Concrete Raising of America.  Constant research and development is performed to determine best practices, available opportunities, and efficiency/productivity standards.  As one franchisee asked, "Why would I not take advantage of the resources available?"

The CRC Brand
Through regional, national, and occasional international efforts, the CRC brand (offered through Concrete Raising of America) is a known leader in the concrete raising and grouting world.

National Network
Shared experience, wisdom, and the ability to acquire additional knowledge through other Concrete Raising franchisees provides a wealth of informational resources not available to many starting out in a new business venture.  The opportunity to forge industry-specific relationships from experienced professionals is priceless.

Environmentally-Friendly Service
Concrete Raising is "The Green Alternative to Replacement, that $aves Green!"

For additional information, contact Concrete Raising of America, Inc. (800) 270-0011 today!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ConExpo Show In Vegas, 2011

Concrete Raising of America, Inc. will be promoting the CRC Concrete Raising franchise opportunity at the ConExpo/ConAgg show next week, March 22-26, 2011 in Las Vegas!  Come and see us in South Hall - Booth 10635!